To be the best means working with the right people and materials, and providing excellence for our clients with measurable, lasting quality in every project. Since our founding in 2006 as a Mississippi licensed residential contractor, general building contractor and municipal contractor, A.S. Fornea has become a leader in construction throughout the Southeast. Our portfolio of work and list of satisfied clients attests to both our dedication and capabilities.


Twenty-first century construction demands the latest technology. At A.S. Fornea, our highly skilled and experienced staff is able to fast-track completion while putting quality and cost-effectiveness at the forefront, working with our own state-of-the-art equipment.  


At A.S. Fornea, vision is an active asset that not only allows us to see every project through our clients' eyes but to foresee and solve potential obstacles in order to utilize the most strategic path to project completion. This, paired with a collaborative construction process, gives us a comprehensive viewpoint that ultimately fosters the highest levels of quality and the lowest levels of client stress as we apply hands-on expertise to transform vision into reality.